Tales of Fantastic Dungeon Adventures

A beginning - introduction
Strap on your ugly-stompin' boots. Time to get dirty.

Hail adventurers!!

Welcome to the Last Continent. A land adrift in the Gaping Maw of non-reality tucked between dimensions.

There are many thriving cities on the Last Continent. The capital, the crowning jewel, is Dwarheim. An ancient city, old beyond the reckoning of time, Dwarheim houses the best of the best. The nobles that live on the surface of Dwarheim’s mountain like to think that “the best” refers to them. Those in the know are more than aware that “the best” typically applies to the top earners in the Adventurers’ Guild that watches over the “commoners” under the mountain. The multiple divisions of Dwarheim’s main city are separated into massive caves and connected by almost labyrinthine tunnels.

Bottom line: you work for the Adventurers’ Guild. They usually hand you assignments, quests, bounties to collect, or items to test out in the field. The guild takes a 5 – 20 percent cut of any gold or treasure recovered based on the level of threat each mission represents.

Your representative at the guild has informed you that you’ve got a new job coming up. This one, however, all the treasure found is yours.


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