Vetius The Dragon Blade

weapon (melee)

Initally the sword has the appeance of an old long sword, definatly worse for wear. The sword is intelligent and dislikes chotic alignments and hates evil alignments. The sword has an immense distrust and dislike towards dragons. It will try to persuade the weilder to seek out and combat any dragons that the sword can sense. It has no control over its outward apperance and its apparent indistructability. It can turn off most of its abilities if it does not like the weilder. It can bestow the weilder with the ability to speak dragon and know the location, level, and abilities of any dragon within 5 miles. When in battle with a dragon the sword will automatically become a glowing exquisitly crafted long sword. The glow is the same as the shade of dragon the weilder is combating. Vetius can imbue the weilder with immunity to the dragons breath and magic, and limited clairvoyance to the dragons actions. As a last advantage to fighting dragons, the weilder has a 10 to save vs. the dragons presence. Against dragons the sword is 1D85 with a critical of 17 and a x3 multiplier. Against any other creatures it is a +1 with standard criticals.


Koma came into possession of Vetius as somehow a Black dragon killed the previous weilder. Vetius was hidden in the lair so that no other could use it. Duing a fight with the same black dragon, Koma fell into a crevice. When he was finally able to get out of the crevice he was in one of the dragons stash holes. There he literally stumbled over Vetius. Vetius, knowing that any weilder would be better than a continued existance in the stash hole granted Koma the abilities to slay the black dragon. Since then Vetius has influenced Koma to start thinking and acting in different ways.

Vetius The Dragon Blade

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